What are Yarn Weights?  Here is a guide to approximate yarn weights or thickness.  Just remember....there is nothing set in stone.  This information is most useful for knitters, but other fiber artists may use these categories to compare yarns.  As a note, DK weight (a European notation that is gaining strength in the U.S.) is in the thicker end of the sport weight category.  Chunky is a category used for yarns between worsted and bulky.  Fingering and baby weights may be used interchangeably.  Lace weight would be finer than fingering.

Weight Approximate Yardage (Yards/pound Gauge (stitches/inch) Knitting Needle Size (U.S.) Wraps per Inch (wpi)
Fingering 1650-2300 7+ 0-3 19-22
Sport 1150-1600 5-6 4-6 14-19
Double Knitting 1000-1200 5.5-6.5 3-6 10-14
Worsted 850-1100 4-5 6-9 8-12
Bulky 500-900 2-3.5 10-11 6-8



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