These machines can be antique or as new as the 1980's


Thank you for all the interest in my sock knitting machine pages.
I hope some of this information has helped you in your quest for a sock knitter or getting your sock machine working.

On these pages, you'll find general information on sock knitting machines, parts and new needles for the sock machine, free online sock machine manuals and much more!

I also have many hand dyed and commercial sock yarns that are well suited for the sock machine.

I've extended my hand dyed yarns to a different website.  Fly Designs  There are a lot more colors there than I have been able to put here.
If you have any questions as to what kind to use for which cylinder, just ask. :)

If you have any questions, or need help in finding anything, please feel free to email me.
I am always updating pages and adding more info, so stop by again soon! 

Richard Candee's e-book on the sock knitting machine is finished!
Some of my machines are in it :)

Click here to order.

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 Online CSM (Circular Sock  Machine)    Instruction Manuals  


Creelman Brothers Sock Machines
Sock Knitting Machines for Sale

Legare' Powder Coated

The Auto Knitter Sock Machine
Auto Knitter
Sock Machine Parts for Sale PT Legare Sock Machine
PT Legare
Sock Machine Manuals for Sale
Manuals for Sale
Gearhart Sock Machines
Videos & CD's Available for the Sock Knitting Machine
Videos and CD's
Franz & Pope Sock Machine
Franz and Pope

Sock Knitting Machine Accessories

Sock Machine Accessories

Home Profit Sock Machine

Sock Knitting Machine Needles for Sale

Master Machine Sock Knitting Machine
Sock Yarns
Sock Yarn, Monarch  Sock Yarn Hand Dyed  CottonWoolLycra Yarn
Tuttle, Try-On Conic, Lamb Sock Knitter
Lamb Sock Machine
Sock Knitting Patterns Verdun Sock Knitter
FAQ about Sock Knitting MachinesFAQ Harley Kay Sock Machines
Sock Knitting Machine Events
Griswold Sock Machine
Sock Machine Email Lists
CSM Email Lists

Sock Samples

Sock Machine Links
Sock Machine Links
Socks & Mitts For Sale !
No American Knitting Machine Census Sock Machine Stand Ideas
Homemade Stand
Richard Candee's
E-book on the Hand Cranked Knitter & Sock Machine

Richard's E-Book for Sale
Hints & Tips on working with Sock Knitting Machines

Studio Hat/Toque Machine

not a sock knitting machine, but certainly an interesting circular machine!

Photos of Antique Lamb Flatbed Machines


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