Sweater in Nymph Yarn

When LaTheena emailed me pictures of her sweater she knit with some semi-solid Nymph yarn, I just had to post the pictures up!  It's beautiful :)

Here's what she had to say about it:

I just finished knitting the Rowan Earn using your AMAZING Nymph yarn. A friend of mine had met you at a show and suggested that I send you pictures as most people use your yarn for socks. You can see more photos on Ravelry by  searching my ID "latheena" or "Rowan Earn." I am getting so many compliments on the choice of yarn and just wanted to let you know - Fulay at Little Knits helped me pick it out. I love the sweater!

Anyway, keep making fabulous yarn :)

Thanks so much LaTheena, and keep knitting your beautiful sweaters :)





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Updated 10/11/08