Flutterby Yarn


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70% angora 30% polyamide (nylon).

Hand Dyed (except white)

Large 4 oz skeins. Approx. 900 yds

Needle size #1 - 2     6-8 stitches per inch.

Black  4oz

Lavender,  4oz

Cobalt,  4oz

Teal, 4oz

Evergreen,  4oz

Pink,  4oz

Turquoise,  4oz



Light Blue,  4oz



Emerald,  4oz


Denim,  4oz



Purple Shadow,  4oz




Plum,  4oz



Navy,  4oz



Violet,  4oz



Roses, 4oz


Flutterby Yarn
4 ounce skein




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