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Bonnie Smola's CD

This CD (plays on the computer) contains information about the sock machine(s).  It covers taking apart, cleaning, getting back together again, threading, knitting tube, tops of all kinds, heels the regular ones, sandal, and scotch, polkadots, open work, and argyles.  There are big pictures, written words, video clips with sound.  The advantage is that you can print off what you want and take it to your machine.  You can easily navigate from one topic to another. 
The cost is $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping. You may use Pay Pal to order.
email address bsmola@neitel.net

Or order by snail mail:

Bonnie Smola 
Yellow River Station
304 Scott Hollow Road
Monona, Iowa 52159.


Roxana Baechle's Videos and DVD's:

DVD format, all 8 at once = $150 (includes free historical museum presentation and a copy of the old Norma Bogan video --10 in all).  You print out your own instructional inserts via pdf file on dvd or email attachment.  Photo cover for each file is sent with dvdís.


Initial set, videos #1 and #2--2 hours each, $45 plus $6 shipping (includes written patterns)--

Contents: checking out parts, cleaning, sorting and testing needles, substituting parts, assembling, threading, using the set-up basket, making a knitted set-up/bonnet, re-hung selvedge on 54 slot cylinder, selvedge on other cylinders, sock with plain foot, sock with ribbed arch, kitchener stitch done from needles.  Shows Gearhart, LeGare and Auto Knitter threadings.   (Ribbed arch sock cannot be done as described on Gearhart due to absence of drive pin.)


Video #3--over 1 1/2 hours, $25 plus $6 shipping (includes written patterns)--

Contents: mock ribbed sock, kitchener stitch variation when mock ribbing is used,  hem-tops, pouches, tote-sampler-stool, embellishments/pockets/elbow patches, changing colors, reversible/double-layered sock; all items can be completed without using the ribber attachment.  (Can be used with any brand of machine and any number of slots in the cylinder.)


Video #4--approx 1 1/2 hours, $26 plus $6 shipping (includes written patterns)

Contents: mittens, gloves, special neck warmer; open fingers and inserting eyelet lace.  All knitting done on machine; requires sewing one side of each finger and thumb.


Video #5--approx 1 1/4 hours, $21 plus $6 shipping (includes written patterns)

Contents: uses large-eye needles; mock rib sock with hem-top, fast bootie for kids, sewing up toes from scrap yarn.  (Can also be used with regular needles using thinner yarns. )


Video #6--approx 2 hours, $26 plus $6 shipping (includes written patterns)

Contents: knitting diamond patterns in contrasting colors, framing a diamond, contrasting color across diamonds in argyle, finishing hints.  (Demonstration on 60 slot auto knitter. Written directions for 54.)


Video #7--about 1.5 hrs, $21 plus $6 shipping (includes written patterns)

Contents: knitting a sock in ten minutes by using mock ribbing and straight-up leg; rehung selvege (no bulky hem-top), exaggerating selvedge row,  heels/toes using end of row back to work, stripes and contrasting heels/toes, replacing needles for foot.  (No ribber or special tools needed, best with 100% wool yarns.)


Video #8--about 1 1/2 hours, $30 plus $6 shipping (includes written patterns)

Contents: ruching (as cast-on, flatwork, in round), eyelet and lattice lace, beading (large beads, pony beads, beaded fringe), polka dots & intarsia, cables, split-toe (thong).  (Demonstration on 60 slot Auto Knitter, best on 54 or 60 cylinders, no ribber needed, instructions to make special tools for ruching.)

Tapes will be sent using USPS priority mail packaging and services.

May be ordered via snailmail with check or money order to:
Roxana Baechle
3360 W. Saginaw Rd.
Coleman, MI  48618

Paypal payments are most welcome using soxbyrox@gmail.com address and
"non-auction goods."


updated 4/20/12