Personalized Christmas Stockings

All of my Christmas Stockings may be personalized for an extra charge of $2.00

Fine Knit Christmas Stockings

These stockings are normally personalized in fluffy angora yarn and knit in.  If you would like a white wool used instead of angora, just add your request in the comments box of the order form.

The angora we use is the highest quality French angora, which is plucked from the angora rabbit.  These rabbits are not harmed in the process and
require plucking from time to time.  I used to raise angora rabbits and know it doesn't harm them in the process.  I used to do demos with one sitting on my lap and spinning it into yarn on a spinning wheel, straight from my rabbit. :)

The names come out fuzzier, so if you like a cleaner looking name, please request white wool.



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