Learn to Hand Knit DVD Series
 with Nenah Galati

Revolutionary new knitting teaching method:
Learn to knit at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.
Have a personal instructor right there with you!



How to Knit Continental Style

This DVD is meant to take the new knitter, very gently and step by step on their way to becoming an obsessive knitter! :)
  The new knitter will not feel overwhelmed as Nenah very slowly demonstrates the long tail cast-on, then the knit stitch, at which point she recommends the new knitter turn off the DVD and practice, practice, practice.
    Nenah demonstrates the purl stitch, how to bind off. then onto a scarf, hat and face cloth.

Continental Knitting DVD


Beyond Scarves -
8 projects that can be a face cloth, baby blanket, or afghan.

Do you love to knit and have knit a gazillion scarves; want to move on but don't feel you have the confidence? Well this DVD is meant especially for you.
Nenah demonstrates each project for you as you follow along with the written directions.
She also shows you a few tricks of the trade - how to pick up a dropped stitch, add a skein of yarn, and shares with you some common knitting terms.
When you done with this DVD the knitting world is wide open to you. You will be ready for a sweater, socks, entrelac, whatever you heart desires!

Beyond Scarves DVD





Socks are basically a small and simple project, except for a few places where a visual solves all the confusion. Nenah guarantees that if you know how to knit and purl she can share with you the wonderful work of knitting socks. This DVD makes the process seem simple and easy.


Sock I DVD


How to knit 2 Socks at the same time

Second sock syndrome. can't seem to get to it. Nenah solves that problem in this DVD she walks you through all the steps necessary to knit two socks at the same time on the same circular needles that you used for one, using a short row heel instead of a gussetted heel. When you are done the socks are ready to go on your feet!


Sock II DVD- Sorry Sock II DVD is Sold Out


Eight gorgeous Two Tone Socks - A pattern for the leg part of the sock and self striping for the foot!



The Halter, tank, and Turtle Neck Top
Halter Top, Turtle Neck & Tank Top  DVD




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