FAQ about my Fine Knit
Christmas stockings



Can you personalize the stockings in angora?

Yes, they're normally personalized in angora.  If you'd rather have them done in white wool, please write that in the note box when ordering.

What are the measurements of the fine knit stockings?

They are normally 6" wide by 24" long.  If you'd like them shorter, please note that in the note box when ordering.
Normal requests have been 20", 21", 22" - besides the regular 24" size.

What forms of payment do you take?

Paypal, Visa/Mastercard/Discover/AmEx, money order or check.  They are all there when ordering.  Just use the drop down box and make your choice.
Credit card payments are secure through authorize.net, so no need to worry about ordering online through us.

If I order some stockings for my family and have more children, will you still be making them in the future?

I've been making the Christmas stockings since 1985 and have no plans on stopping.  I've also taught my daughter to make them, so ordering later should be no problem at all.

I love your patterns!  Can you sell me the pattern for " such and such"?

I don't sell the patterns at this time, but possibly in the future.  Thank you for the compliment.

I'd like a different year than 2012 on the Santa Stocking, can you do that?

Yes, just write what year you'd like in the note box when ordering.

Can you do a different stocking than the Santa stocking with the year on it?

Yes, I actually have patterns for putting the year in on the Reindeer stocking, Santa stocking, Snowman stocking
and Lambs stocking.

What thickness are the Fine Knit stockings?

Approximate thickness of a stocking cap.
The top band with the name knit in,  is double thickness.

Can you knit the year on the opposite side of the band that the name is on?

Yes, just let me know in the note box when ordering.

Can you knit the stocking with the toe pointing to the right?

Yes, just write that in the text box under your Name and Address, when ordering.

What colors are the green and red?

A Christmas tree green and cranberry red.


I normally ship the stockings by priority mail, but as time gets nearer to Christmas, it may be a good idea to
choose the express mail option.  Priority normally takes 3-5 days and Express mail takes 1-2 days.


Any additional questions, just ask :)  pat@angoravalley.com


Updated Nov  30, 2012 


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