Past Customer Comments on the Christmas Stockings 




I received my stockings yesterday and I just had to let you know how beautiful I think they are!  You know, when you order something over the internet there is always the thought in the back of your mind............will they deliver on time?  What condition will it be in?  Is the quality of the product actually as good as it looks on the screen?  Do they practice good customer service with follow through?  Well I'd definitely have to say yes to all of the above for your company and then some!  Thanks!

T. Scheumann, Napa, CA.

Dear Pat,

Your stockings are the best I've ever seen....I'm so happy with our purchase. If we knew what our future children's names were, we'd order more right now! Thanks!


Hi Pat,
Just wanted to let you know I received the stockings today and wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled we are! The stockings are so stunningly beautiful and such high quality!! We love them and look forward to many many wonderful Christmas's with them. Thank you for creating and providing such a beautiful heirloom for our family! We hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season! Thanks again!!

T. Nocella & Family

We received the stocking today.  It is perfect.  Thank you.

J. Brinkman, NB

We received our Newborns stocking today, and it is beautiful!

Thank you!

K J. Farina

Dear Pat,

     YIPPIE!!  The stocking arrived yesterday and it is perfect!!  I cannot wait to hang it up above the fireplace at Christmas and finally have Jessie's match the rest of the family stockings.  I appreciate you working so hard on this for me.  I will think of you whenever I see it, you do beautiful work.
     Thank you again.....and Merry Christmas!

J. Groch


I received the stockings and they are awesome!


G. McCabe

Hi Pat.  The Christmas stocking I ordered arrived today and I am delighted with it.  It will be an heirloom for Will.  His Mom, Uncle and their cousins all were given hand knit Christmas stockings as gifts and they are still in use 30-40 years later.  This one you made is the closest to those hand knit ones I have ever seen.  Am I ever glad you put your work on the Internet.  
Happy Holidays.  

J. Carr in Indianapolis

So very pleased with the promptness and quality! I look forward to ordering again in the future.

K. Vaughan    NJ

I love it, Pat... It's truly beautiful, and I so appreciate your efforts!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...!

Happy Holidays...

S. Johnson

Hi Pat,  the stockings arrived yesterday and we love them!  Thank you so much. 



Received my son's absolutely gorgeous stocking today!!  thank you we are all very happy- its beautiful!!
Will keep address handy to order one for baby next year... thanks again!!  Merry christmas!!


Dear Pat,

I just went to the post office and picked up the stockings!  They are beautiful!  Thank you so much for your hard work!!!!  Even though we don't have a chimney, we will always hang these stockings with care.

Mara, Matt, and Ian B.

Hi Pat

Just a note to THANK YOU for all of your help and advice over the past few months on the Christmas Stockings for my grandchildren, Kyler and Carter. They are truly beautiful and a cherished keepsake for my daughter's family.

Happy Holidays!

Jo Ann O'Neil

..... My wife and I have bought 5 stockings from you already. We love your work.
Happy Holidays!


I received the stocking and it is lovely.  Just as ordered.  I think this is my last grandchild--so my set is complete.  Thank you for the lovely stockings through the past years. 


Pat - we received our beautiful stocking and want to thank you again for
another family heirloom - you are the best - Happy Holidays to you and all
your staff!

Chris Lamb

 just wanted to let you know that our stockings arrived this week.  They are beautiful!  I have been waiting for several years to find just the right Christmas keepsake for my kids and these definitely "fill the bill." I really like the angora accents.
Most sincerely,
Mary West
PS  they smell wonderful too.
We received the stocking and it is beautiful.  We are so thrilled to have our new little girl's stocking match her two brothers' stockings.  I have to tell you that my husband was bouncing around as I opened it because he wanted to see if it smelled yummy like the other's we previously purchased.  You did not disappoint.
Thank you for helping families build traditions.
God's Peace to you,

Beth Funtal



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